What is Fish Ninja?

Our our mantra is: your Aquarium Life Support.

Our concept for fish ninja is to be an affordable aquarium management system that provides all the essential features for aquarium enthusiast while not losing focus on the fun aspects of fish.  Want to know more watch my pitch from the WMU Pitch Competition where Fish Ninja came in FIRST!

Fish Ninja Product Details:

Base unit features:

  • Wifi connection with browser and app access.
  • No touch configuration through mobile app or web browser
  • One or Two feeders built onto the unit depending on version
  • Above water web cam for viewing of feeding or general aquarium viewings
  • 4 outlets individually controllable
  • Heater – uses the temp sensor to maintain desired temp
    • Can give cost estimation for energy consumption
  • 2 outlets for light
    • Timers for setting lights and feeders through app or browser
  • Power monitor for filter
  • Push notifications for temp, low water level or water changes with Nitrate probe
  • 4 slots for standard and optional sensors
    • 2 temperature – verifies proper flow in tank and consistent temperature
    • Water level
    • Optional – PH probe
    • Optional – Nitrate Probe

Product Prototype Video:

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